Robert Farrell Director of Couch Concerts LifeCheers, I’m Robert Farrell, a Jersey boy… now a proud NYC Manhattan resident since 1990, partner to my better half of 27 years, (she’s not changed the locks…. YET!) father to a beautiful talented daughter, grandfather to 3 delightful and inquisitive little girls. Player of saxophone, piano and guitar (but not at the same time). Software teacher, developer, solution provider & out of the box thinker. I’m a dedicated online sales and marketing problem solver, world traveler, great cook and baker plus a friend to many… with the exception of certain parts of south east Jersey.

My #1 passion besides my life partner my family, friends and cooking my better half breakfast every morning, is to share my life adventures and software knowledge. Life is a simple plan and most of it is just about SHOWING UP! I have 2 sayings… “There is nothing positive about being negative” and “Nothing happens when YOU choose to do nothing”

Enjoy your day. enjoy this website, stay home and create, stay safe and #ThinkPositiveNRG – Carpe Diem – Robert 😉