Monetize A Zoom Live Event with Fan Audience Subscriptions

monetize e zoom live event with audience subscriptions
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Earning Smart Online with Audience Subscriptions

I’ve been running a very successful online software training subscription platform since 1995, 25 years. I’m very proud to say I’ve curated over 57,000 paid subscribers over the past 25 years. A subscription based online business is a great way to plan on future on going revenues and its a total benefit to both you and your audience. Let’s think about that one for a bit… Why would they sign up month after month? They would only consider that if there is value right? So this is your time to shine and engage your audience with quality content month after month. Now of course you’re going to get drop offs and that’s ok, as long as some drop off but many more join you’re heading in the right direction.

Package Priced Subscription Incentives Work Best

If you’re going to have a monthly subscription fee of say $20 then I would suggest a quarterly fee for $49 and or a yearly fee for $179. Price it so if they do the simple math they will sell the better deal is the yearly subscription. I would also consider having a plan in place that they can upgrade after their 1st month to a yearly for the difference, example upgrade for $179 minus the $20 they already paid, that’s great customer service BTW.

Build, Grow Your Subscription Base with Audience/Customer Incentives

My turnkey live event zoom monetization platform allows you to do just that, with a few mouse clicks. You can reward referrals to your live events with incentives, pay them a flat rate or a percentage and you can tier reward them too. Example 1-5 referrals pays 10%, 6-10 pays 15% and over 10 pays 20% etc etc. It’s ok that your audience / customer base is motivated by MONEY, nothing wrong with that. My software also allows you to pay one level down, so you can chose to pay incentives to you audience members who refer other audience members.