How to monetize a zoom event -Get paid for your live zoom event

Learn how to monetize live zoom events

Hello I’m Robert Farrell, I’ve been doing online software training, sales and marketing since 1995. in the trenches and #workingSmartOnline. A couple week back I developed this complete turnkey system based on WordPress premium themes and plugins to monetize your live zoom events, webinars, online fitness, cooking and live musical performances etc etc.

As a former stand up comedian and musician, I play the guitar, bass, saxophone, piano and drums… but NOT at the same time. My simple point and click, drop and drag system will get you up and running  in minutes. You will now be able to charge any fee to watch your live event plus do live event bundles and or subscriptions.

Grow your fan base or targeted audience with referral incentives.

Let’s say you charge a $35 fee for your live event, my back-end admin system allows you to reward you audience with monetized referrals. You set your own payouts to your audience and you can offer tier incentives. Example if they send you 1-5 new live event signups pay them 10%, 5-10 15%, 11 or more 20%, its totally up to you. In addition you can choose to reward different people with different monetized incentives, it’s a very flexible system.

Track all referral in the rewards admin section

Both you and your referrals can track their income via a password protected rewards admin page. They can also obtain banner ads you’ve created for them, complete with their own tracking code already attached to their graphic ads. They may also set up a direct link to their rewards admin. What that means is if they had a website called then they add that site to their rewards admin. Then ANY link direct to your site from their site, they get paid on when anyone signs up for your live event. In other words just the direct link to your live event platform for extra training URL info like they simply point directly to your site.

Get paid and work smart referring my live event monetized turnkey system

As of today April 22nd 2020, my turnkey zoom monetized platform costs $299 every 3 months or $896 per year (Save $300) and I will pay a minimum of 20% for EVERY MONTH your referral is on my premium turnkey zoom system. So let’s say you had 3 people per month sign up as a results of your efforts that’s 36 people a year X $299 X 4 = $43,056.00 @ 20% you earn $8611.00 not bad. Now here is where the numbers and your income goes nuts… You will also have the opportunity to earn 20% from the people you referred who referred someone. Let’s examine those numbers. So if those 36 original referrals sent just 2 people a month that’s 24 buyers of my turnkey monetized zoom system per year right? So the numbers are now 36 X 24 X $299 X 4 = $1,033,344.00 and @ 20% you would earn $206,668.00… Oh I’m sorry… Do I have your attention now? That’s $10,333.00 per month and that’s being very conservative. What if you had just 5 people per month and those people sent you 3 people per month… DO THE MATH!

Ride the coattails of other successful online business opportunities

Have you ever wondered how Amazon and Jeff Bezos got so big and rich so fast? They did it by referrals. Did you know that 48% of Amazon’s business sales comes from referrals? All online modern online businesses have a referral system. So rather then re-invent the wheel… So do I and once again that is 100% #WorkingSmartOnline

Nothing happens when you choose to do nothing!

A very profound and commonsense statement, obvious to many but practiced by few. Think about that statement for a moment. We read, we watch, we engage but do we take action? Some do, many don’t or they are filled with reasons and excuses not to do SOMETHING…

Your next step…

Please come engage with my chatbot on Facebook, NO I don’t need or want your email. I’m not going to talk you into some bullshit waste of time 90 minute webinar that’s not my style. I want to engage serious, educated motivated people who want the opportunity to earn online with their talents minus this get rich quick snake oil BS. Click the link: Go to my chatbot – Ask questions and watch my step-by-step video tour of my features and benefits. At that point YOU DECIDE what your next step is. Thanks for being here. #StayHome #StaySafe and #StayPositive

Carpe Diem 2020 – Robert Farrell