Working Smart with Online Tools

My Thoughts

As an online educator and musician for the past 25 years, I want to inspire you to take advantage of online opportunities and software tools by #workingSmartOnline. Software is simply a language and you need to know the roots of that language and how it thinks… It’s syntax, verbs, nouns etc. Just like playing and instrument, you need to know tuning, scales, chords before you can write a cohesive song.

My goal was to build a simple point and click experience to fellow musicians can have the opportunity to earn online, engage with their audience fan base. I was inspired to building this live event solution, by watching a interactive Hamilton life event on Monday April 6th 2020, my better half who is VP at a major record label shared it with me. I thought yes that was really cool… BUT! How does the local musician capitalize on live events and earn online at the same time?

So I humbly present you with Couch Concerts Live/ A complete simple turnkey online solution to engage, market and monetize their online talents. You focus on creating and posting music and let our tools help you to grow a solid dedicated fan base.

Revenue sharing opportunities!

As an artist content creator you can share revenue with your fan base. Provide your valued fans a special link to share in your live events income. A totally working smart way… The power of people sharing online.

You and or your fans may also share revenue from when you recommend paying customers to our turnkey online service. We provide all revenue sharing participants a full back-end admin tracking system complete with banner ads. You may also provide your fan base with banner ad artwork to post on their social media, each banner ad comes complete with their own unique tracking codes for payouts.