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Our Real Benefit and Why You'll Choose Us!

Unlike all other streaming services that have launched in the past few months. We are dedicated to the artists time, effort and earnings. You get to keep 100% of all your earnings, we DO NOT take a fee, So if you charge $12 per fan for a live event you KEEP $12, other platforms are a revenue sharing service, we believe you don't need to share your artist income with anyone.

With Our System Everyone Gets Paid At The Same Time

Do you have a paid, theatre group, comedy troop, ensemble or multiple members? Perfect our system pays out everyone at the same time. Example if you have a band with say 5 members...When someone buys an event say $25, everyone gets paid to their account at the time of purchase. The payouts can be split anyway you choose and for any flat rate or percentage amount.

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Experience the benefits of our live events platform and all its features. A ROCK SOLID user and fan based solution.

Watch Our Video!

We will guide you step by step-by-step with a video from our developer. A lifetime of musical experience plus 33 years of software training and 25 years of being in the trenches of online sales and marketing.

Our Software Toolbox

Our back-end point and click software solutions are packed with features... We provide training videos in our admin section as well as 21st century marketing solutions like fan incentive referrals, cross event marketing, add a gift event, loyalty rewards, social media incentives at checkout, price incentives for multi-live events and discount code creation tools. Plus evergreen call to action countdown incentives.

Complete Fan Interaction

Special VIP options for engagement before and after the show. Audience interactions with each live event. Give your fan base a complete live experience.

Fellow Artist Earn Big Time By Sharing

I have very special incentives for you to earn by sharing our services with other fellow artists. Learn about our earning possibility opportunities now...

Unlimited Monetized Zoom Events $299 Every 4 Months

Unlimited Monetized Zoom Events $896 Every 12 Months

Make Your Live Event A Total Fan Experience!

Keep your fan base up to date with band happenings, interviews and events

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Cheers, I'm Robert Farrell, a Jersey boy... now a proud NYC Manhattan resident since 1990, partner to my better half of 27 years, (she's not changed the locks.... YET!) father to a beautiful talented daughter, grandfather to 3 delightful and inquisitive little girls. Player of saxophone, piano, guitar and drums (but not at the same time). Software teacher, developer, solution provider & out of the box thinker. I'm a dedicated online sales and marketing problem solver, world traveler, great cook and baker plus a friend to many... with the exception of certain parts of south east Jersey.

My #1 passion besides my life partner my family, friends and cooking my better half breakfast every morning, is to share my life adventures and software knowledge. Life is a simple plan and most of it is just about SHOWING UP! I have 2 sayings... "There is nothing positive about being negative" and "Nothing happens when YOU choose to do nothing" 

Enjoy your day. enjoy this website, stay home and create, stay safe and #ThinkPositiveNRG - Carpe Diem - Robert ;)